Services & Product

Consumer Dynamics

This product can help you in very informed decision making as you can study different trends related to brands and the categories. You will be able to see the switching patterns and/or how another product category is becoming a substitute in a consumer segment.

There are few household based tracking studies in Pakistan but ‘Consumer Dynamics’ is the only consumer tracking study in Pakistan that “on daily basis” gives proper understanding of how, where, when, which brands are bought and consumed by individuals (not just households). We are doing almost 30,000 interviews in a quarter and 350 on daily basis.

Retail Dynamics

Our best in class mystery shopping and merchandising audits give ‘The Dynamics’ a distinctive edge. we provide candid evaluation to our clients of their staff, Standard operating procedures, outlets and facilities through the help of mystery shopping tools i.e video mystery shopping and audio mystery shopping. We conduct brand presence and visibility via retail audit.

Ad Dynamics

In Ad dynamics, we help our clients in copy testing and impact evaluation to make decision for the ad whether to air the communication or Improvements (if any) needed to embed before airing the ad. We can also check the impact of any ad / communication via ad dynamics.

Shopper Dynamics

It provides 3S shopping understanding by shopping missions, brands and channel types. Shopper Dynamics is our product which defines the retail business process of the store. This provides information regarding the in-store decisions that refer to the degree with which shoppers decide on the shop floor as what brand or product to buy.

Churn Dynamics

A product that helps in churn / attrition prediction based on customer experience, behavior and attitudes.

Online Dynamics

The Dynamics is only market research agency in Pakistan which has their own panel of 10,000 internet users in Pakistan. We also are sole partners of CINT in Pakistan and that gives us additional reach to 80,000 users in Pakistan only and reach to other Panel members in 15 other countries.

CATI Dynamics

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) is a telephone surveying technique which is provided by The Dynamics in Pakistan with 60 labs, 40 in Karachi and 20 in Lahore. We have strategic alliance with the best facilities of CATI at call centers to mobilize any project with minimum turnaround time. We conduct interviewing in Urdu, English and all main regional languages. A great strength we have is that random digit dialing capability and mobile numbers databases are available for urban and rural Pakistan.Automatic quota management for agreed target segments with100% voice recording of the interviews.